I'm an 'aspiring' singer/songwriter, aspiring in the sense that I am in the process of learning pretty much everything from the ground up by myself. I started singing when I was around 8, starting writing poems at 11.. but I never picked up a guitar until I was 35. I originally sung, writ poems and started to learn the guitar as it was an 'escape' from the things going on around me, , a way to help improve my memory and a distraction from mental health issues brought on by numerous events that have happened throughout my life. It has become so much more and I am trying to use these traits and experiences to my advantage in my writing to tell some stories, inspire, spread awareness and fulfill my dream.... I would be honored if you joined me on my musical journey! 

I have always had a passion for singing and music, but I could never bring myself to learning an instrument until I was inspired to by Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollens. I wasn't too sure on the Violin, and I'm a bit of an avid gamer and discovered a 'game' called Rocksmith 2014. I looked into that and ended up getting it with a cheap guitar (an Epiphone Les Paul Special II) in May 2014, and in the first year I didn't even learn a single chord.. just how to build them as the 'game' teaches you too. 

I then discovered the Justin Guitar and Andy Guitar YouTube channels, tried learning chords there and made a little progress but not a lot. My second year of learning I had a message from a local stranger who asked me if I wanted a guitar lesson. He came around and taught me how to learn chords and switch between them. The next 6 months was practice of that.. I then had a few lessons at a local guitar 'academy' through the back end of 2016. I wasn't really getting enough out of it though as I couldn't afford to keep paying £16 per week. My original teacher wanted to teach me more, theory wise, and a little on reading notation/rhythm. So the last few months of 2017 I did that. It stopped though, so I have been learning at my own pace again since. I think I'm at the top end of 'beginner' now, it's been a slow journey, but I have loved every minute. 

Also in 2016 I discovered and 'met' a streamer called Emma McGann, that young woman changed my life! I would watch her play on YouNow, talk to her, people there, got invited into a group called Team McGann and made so many online friends! Until then I barely spoke to anyone one online or otherwise.. I honestly don't think Emma knows just how much of an impact she has had on my life! I had stopped writing poems by then, but Emma encouraged me to start writing again, poems and songs too.. I'm at home most of my life due to my health, so encouraging me to start writing again opened up a huge world for me. Emma encourages us (her 'fans') to become friends and look out for one another, which is simply amazing. It were though I was seeing the world for the first time, writing again, making friends and appreciating good music. It was so inspiring my 'hobby/therapy' turned from being just that into a stronger passion and a huge dream! 

I am now in a place where I have written a lot of songs and poems, trying to 'find my voice' again and learning everything I can so I can start putting music to my songs and actually become a professional singer/songwriter. At this moment in time, although it'd be amazing if I could, I do not earn anything for my music, I am just happy 'meeting' people, making friends and sharing my progress with the world at the same time as trying to raise awareness for mental health and seizures and encouraging others to follow their dreams whatever they may be.. If I manage to make one person smile a day that is my definition of success. if I was making a sustainable living at the same time, it'd just be a dream come true! The main thing is connecting with people and connecting those people together in a 'family' as has been done with me. I think it's an amazing experience and I'll just never give up the dream.

Worlebury Woods - Weston Super Mare.

Worlebury Woods - Weston Super Mare.