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UK Songwriting Contest update

I have had a completely unexpected surprise this year! Not one but BOTH of my song lyrics I have entered in the competition, 'Until The End' & 'Faded Away', have earned a place in the semi-final!

I received the news the other day and I am over the moon about that! I'm also slightly terrified at the same time, this is only the second year I have entered any of my songs/lyrics into a competition, and it's still not over yet!

I am so thankful to every single one of you that have believed in me and have stayed with me on my journey so far, you have given me the courage and inspiration to continue to pursue this dream.

I'm also thankful to the UK Songwriting Contest staff and judges to even have this opportunity. I am quite overwhelmed with the results so far, I honestly didn't think I was very good at songwriting, so this is quite inspirational in it's self and further motivates me to continue to write and eventually record my songs too. Thank you! 

I'm entering the 'UK Songwriting Contest' again this year! 

This year I have entered two of my originals, 'Until The End' & 'Faded Away' in the same category for both UK & International!

I may enter the 'International Songwriting Competition' too, I've not decided yet. I think it's a great way to have some form of feedback and, of course, the rewards could really help to take further steps into my musical journey.

I certainly don't expect to win which is why I was so shocked last year almost being in a semi final! I just find it all part of the journey and that made helped me to realise myself that I'm on the right track. I don't want to have 'fame' nor 'fortune', just reach out, share, meet and connect with people.

I won my first award! 

What better way to feel motivated than to have achieved something! Of course the journey and people you meet in that journey are the most important, but to achieve something is a lovely bonus! I know I'm on the right path! 

I have written poems since I was 11, songs for just over two years, starting to learn the guitar at 35! I'm now going to be 40 this month and was just one point away from being in a semi final songwriting competition? I'm just so happy right now! Age really doesn't matter, if you have a dream, however young or old you are, just go for it! Let nothing hold you back and do it!

I entered my original song 'Live Again' in the 'Lyrics Only' category in the 'UK Songwriting Contest' 2018.


A 'Highly Commended Entry Award' in the 'Lyrics Only' Category in the 'UK Songwriting Contest' 2018, for my song 'Live Again.'